Oh Hello Blog

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve written in here, and then I got an email saying that this website was automatically going to be renewed. I haven’t been updating or writing or promoting anything…because…I’ve just been… I don’t know. Through some stuff. That held me back. Others, and mostly myself. Music became a chore, I felt scared of the scene and still do. I’m not really sure what my direction is right now.


I have songs. And I just wanted to let you know that I’m still here. Even if it is a struggle, I feel like the need to release art is coming back. I’m sure a lot of you can relate.

How do you keep on going? It’s difficult right? Change is hard, trauma is harder, life is the most difficult of all.

I’ve been wondering for about three years now if I was worth anything. My success in music has been a constant of “Almost there”. Almost had a great solo career, almost had a great band that was actually going places (until he decided to end it and create a new life for himself..am I still bitter? noooooo), Almost had this opportunity and that opportunity, and it all got taken away basically in some form or another. So here I am, Wondering, wondering wondering, what my next step is…

I have a few ideas..

  1. Start a patreon.

  2. Release another EP

  3. Create more youtube videos like I used to

  4. Change up my live sound (loops will be involved.)

  5. Throw myself off a cliff.

Just kidding…

Kind of..

No, I’m kidding. Really!

I've just been tired, and sad and tired and can’t ever seem to get enough sleep.

Anyway, Thanks for reading the rantings of a lunatic.

I’m not dead yet.


Morgan Erina


Dear everyone,

As many of you know, I am trying to raise money to make an EP. It's hard for me personally to ask for money, or for help with anything, but I know rationally that I need help with this. 

It's been a long journey since I moved to Pittsburgh from New York City six years ago. I made a lot of friends, rose quickly in the scene, created an amazing band that took me to so many places. Now that my band is over, (for more than a year now, but who's counting...........)  I am embarking on a path that I am unfamiliar with.

I started out as a solo artist, going to open mics in ABC city. Playing shows with djembe players in dark basements in dark corners of the bustling city. Trying to connect with anyone and everyone, while still hiding against the wall. I used to play barefoot to cool the nerves of baring my soul to whoever would listen.

It all led me to here, to a community I had no idea could exist. I met Nathan Zoob, who I feel like I have known my entire life. He has done so much for me, there is no way that I could ever pay him back. I'll keep trying tho... :)

The number of amazing musicians here are incredible. I feel honored to be a part of such a group. And hope to continue to be. 

That is why, after everything, I would like to make a record of what I create. Sometimes I need a fire under my butt, so to speak, so that I can accomplish what I need to do. You all do that for me, and I thank you. 

Only 17 days left on my indiegogo and we are already over $3,000. Thank you to all who have donated so far and shared it and continue to share it! I appreciate it so much. 

This is for you, this is for us. Community. Family. 

The saying is true, you don't pick your family, your family picks you. 

Link is at the bottom!

Thank you


Morgan Erina

Source: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-mor...


What is motivation..why does it disappear so quickly. Why does it come crashing into ones mind and you can't get things done fast enough? Like a manic state with doubt. Don't lose it, the muses say to keep going keep going. Fight to get ahead. 

What makes you motivated? 

Sometimes a good record helps motivate me. Becks new album is doing that. Just blown away by him every time..Similar ways of working. Prolific and crazy ha Perfect motivation, perfect idol to idolize. 

It could be a song, a person, a quote that motivates you. It could be a sunny day, a rainy night. I love recording music on a rainy evening...perfect time to be motivated, really get lost in the music and in the head. That is true happiness. That is the only happiness, the only solace in this rough patch..

It could be a lover, or a pet motivates you to go outside, get some air...rethink things, see things in a new light..prospects and ideas. 

Anyway, rambling ramblers...I'm going to get out of here. Go into the sun, breathe...

Just remember that motivation comes and goes. When you have it, hold on to it. when it's not there, try to have fun...it's ok. 

End of a Year

2014. You have been a pain in the ass. You have taught us a lot. You have made us hide, you have made us fight. You have turned the world upside down and opened new doors. You have made us make choices and you have made us stand still waiting. You have made us die, and you have made us try to live. 

Sitting here, mind too full to make a single clear thought, I decided to write it all down. Surely I'm not the only one who is confused beyond belief. What kind of world are we living in these days? There were moments when we thought it would get better, but now it's like the 50s with more bombs and no control. Corruption going too far, who do they want to survive? Are they trying to get rid of the middle class and lower class completely. A world made up of cops, The richest families, and a government worth all the secrets in the world. It's enough to make one op out. Maybe that's what they want. It's hard not to feel defeated. Seems like the more we the confused people try to do to make it all better, the worse it gets, the more loop holes they find, the more they tear us down. 

Why is race such as issue? We all gotta eat right? We all gotta talk and love right? What does the color of our skin have to do with anything, you bleed just like I do. We all die. 

I had a conversation with a co worker at one of my numerous rent paying jobs the other day that left me feeling taken aback. I mentioned that I do not consider myself White, as I am of Puerto Rican decent. I am not fully white nor am I fully hispanic, I always mark the "Other" option. To this my co worker mindlessly implied "Well, but, you LOOK white" This small sentence is exactly what the problem is.  Why does it matter what I LOOK like? Did it give them some sort of happiness to tell me that I look white? Why am I not allowed to identify how I want to? It's puzzling me still and this took place about four days ago. It doesn't MATTER that I look white. It doesn't MATTER that anyone is black. For the love of whatever god is around, it doesn't MATTER. LETS JUST LIVE. We create our own cages and the government just laughs at our own self destruction. 

This year has been....something...I got dumped by someone who I was with for three years, making a life with, making music with...in turn Broken Fences died...leaving me back at square one in which I still feel like I'm at...I moved out into an interesting house that helped me heal...connected with someone who I had known for awhile but finally went and got that "coffee" with....and then fell in love very much so with this person...they showed me that they actually understood my difficulties..they showed patience when I panicked...it's been a year now and I still can't believe my lucky stars...And now I'm questioning music and what the point is...and what am I doing here in Pittsburgh...what am I doing with this life....feeling stuck at a stand still.....still feeling weird everytime a musician works with my ex fence...feeling the heaviness of society, but wondering what there is that can possibly be done. 

Is this where we say "well, it's the little things that matter" ok I get it, but I can't ignore the shit in my back yard. 

There are things that I am feeling a tad certain of. I want a home. A place of comfort. In the four years that I have lived here in Pittsburgh, I have moved eight times. I'm tired. I just want a place that I can come to and not give a damn who sees me. I think this is an age thing....Don't worry I don't want to have a baby anytime soon. Actually I want to adopt. 

I'm turning 27 in two months. 27. When I was 15 I thought I would join the 27 club, I told myself that so that I could get through another day. But now it's upon us, and there's a heavy veil of confusion and isolation. 

What I'm trying to say..is..I don't know. I'm trying to figure it out. I know people want an album from me, and I'm trying to figure that out. No longer do I want to get screwed around with. I will just do it myself if they don't want to help. We have to help ourselves. 

God, I'm tired. Arn't you?


Single Released "October"!


I released a single yesterday entitled "October"! It's my first single since being in the band Broken Fences. Please head over to http://wildkindness.com/product/october-single/

And take a listen!


(I'm still learning how this site works, so once I figure it out then the link will work!)

Who Am I Without You


I'm writing to you from the back yard of the Arthouse. The sun is shining, people are out and about. The only thing wrong with this day is my wonderful boyfriend is not here with me enjoying the air. But soon.

I took a long walk today, doing some thinking. Today I'm all about avoiding having a panic attack, and being productive. Doing laundry, music stuff, taking care of myself. While I could feel the benefits of exercise, a silly thought drifted into my mind. The more I thought about it, the less silly it became, and the more worried I became. 

Who am I without panic attacks?

Yes, I want to get over them. Yes, I hate the debilitating aspect of the chaos that ensures when they occur.  

But I've had them for so long. Will it change how I write music? Will it change my personality? The more I think about this, the more I realize that without panic attacks, I will probably be more happy. It's just such a strange thought. To not have panic attacks. It's just so strange that I wonder and can't really imagine what life would be like. Will it be brighter? Or will nothing change? Will I smile more? Or will I just be a person. I'm not sure. I spend a large part of my day worrying that I will get a panic attack, and then about ten minutes that feel like three hours, having one. Maybe many in one day. Maybe one that goes up and down for literally three hours, like a boiling pot of water that never quite boils to the top. 

I like to think that without them, I will be happier. I know, I know, I will always be a worrier, I don't think there's a cure for that, it might be some maternal thing inside of me oh god, but I'd like to think that I will actually feel more at peace.

So maybe yeah, it will change some aspects, but I think they will be for the better. I mean, not all my songs have to be about the negative, or the helplessness that comes from having them. 

It's just also strange, that as I think about this, it feels like panic attacks are a pet that I own. A pet that I want to get rid of, and yet don't know how to live without. (Side note: I am the biggest animal lover, and will NEVER EVER want to get rid of any pets that I may own in the future) I even gave them a name. It's very separate from me, and yet such a large part of who I feel I am. But it's not. 

I am not controlled by them, no matter if they are a chemical imbalance. 

Today will be a good day. I know it will. And I know that tomorrow may bring a panic attack or two, or maybe not. But one day at a time right? Gradually and slowly, they will leave, like a flower trying to bloom, I will bloom damn it. And panic attacks will be a memory.



Lets Help Each Other...

It's 4am, I can not sleep. Why? because my brain is in overload exhaustion panic mode. I may be sitting completely still, but my heart is racing, my legs are shaking, my head feels pressure from all corners. 

Why do I tell you these things, you may ask uncomfortably

I've said it before, I want to open up the subject about panic attacks, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. There are so many mental issues that we could discuss, these four are just the ones that I have. They are the ones that I know most about, but I am always eager to learn about others. 

Relate to me, and I will relate to you. We can help each other...It's nice not to be alone. 

Tonight. The panic attack has taken over, immersed in irrational thoughts, shortness of breath occurs, making it hard to catch my breath so I can take a full one. My eyes tired, my mind exhausted but racing at the same time. What if, what if, what if......

What can help? 

Personally, I called someone who I know is incredibly caring, kind, and always makes me believe every thing will be ok. Because guess what....everything will be ok....Sometimes my panic attacks last ten seconds, sometimes they will wax and wane in intensity over the course of hours. 

I have lost people due to my attacks. At first everyone wants to help, they lend an ear, a caring heart...but then it gets old and too difficult and resentment occurs on both ends. It is exhausting trying to deal with someone who is having a panic attack. It's even more exhausting being the one who has them. After it passes, I literally look like I took a bunch of drugs that make me bleary eyed with slurred speech. It's like the soul is too tired to stand up so it just falls and the body has no choice but to fall with it. 

The fact is, I can call, text, talk to someone to make me feel better, less alone, but I know, deep down, that this is completely my responsibility. I can cry, scream, pray, plead to people I care about, but like someone just said to me, I have a choice. Still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I have a choice with my panic attacks.

I can feel exhaustion sleep taking over. Please get some rest. The days are long, but not long enough, and it's hard to get everything done. 

I'm here.


Morgan Erina

Evening Thoughts

Tonight, I have decided to breathe. A million things have been pulling me in a million directions. The depression and anxiety moved in again, telling me I couldn't do it at all. They are still here, but I'm making them move their stuff to the room down the hall. 

One thing that is absolutely clear to me, maybe the only thing right now that is clear, is the fact that I want to use my music to discuss depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. I don't know where I'm going with music, I thought I would be further along by now, but with certain set backs, I'm back to a kind of square one, another thing that has been overwhelming. The questions unanswered, no one to ask. Gotta figure it out. Gotta keep moving. Gotta keep fighting. Overwhelming, usually makes it ridiculously hard to get out of bed. I won't even tell you what time I actually forced myself up and to the kitchen to eat something.

This post isn't meant to depress you, it's to show you that if you have depression or anxiety, you are not alone. Though I know knowing that doesn't always help, cause we still have to go through it. But if I could write a song that described your mood, and you put it on when your in bed, and you can cry, or you can dream, or you can feel hopeful. At least you won't be alone anymore with your thoughts. You'll have mine as well. 

Depression is like walking around carrying a huge boulder, and looking around at others zooming past, and you're crying, begging for someone to help you carry this boulder. Exhaustion from depression and depression is what is making me miss a show I was going to go to, pretty disappointed in myself, though I know it's for the best that I say home and figure stuff out. I desperately wish I could be with my family right now, they are so far away. Everyone else leaves, but family will always be there. That's what my dad taught me. I have to find a way to go home soon. I miss NYC, I miss the tall buildings, and the swarms of people. I miss not having to drive, I miss not having the responsibility of having a car that people can just break.

Now I'm ranting. Is this helping anyone at all? Or are you just feeling sorry for me now ha

Thing is, I know I'm strong. you're strong. But sometimes we forget, and we can't find it. I can't find it. Maybe I'll go write a song about it. If you are feeling depressed tonight, I hope you read this and know that I'm over here feeling the same way, lost, scared, confused. Don't worry, you're not alone this time. 


Morgan Erina

Update: Shows!

Hello there, 

I write to you from a state of the constant sneeze. My nose feels like it might fly off my face and my head might explode. But that will not stop me from telling you about all these shows that I have coming up. I have faith that I will be able to play these shows as well, because I have been way more sick on tour and have done every single show! 

The first show that is coming up is this Sunday, February 9th at Hambones. I'll be playing with my great friends Jeremy Caywood and Chris Hannigan. A very relaxed, chill night, with good music, good drinks, Jeff. I mean, you can't really ask for a more relaxed evening EXCEPT the next show that I'm going to promote which is on VALENTINES DAY. 

Now I don't know about you, but Valentines Day and I have never really gotten along, it's a holiday made up by a card company to make money and make everyone feel bad because they have to spend alot of money on useless things, and expensive meals, and all the single people feel they have to watch the most depressing movie alone in their dark apartment eating ice cream and crying themselves to sleep...but I'm ranting now...when I personally shouldn't be complaining, I've had some good valentines days, but I really just think that every day should be "Valentines Day" and you should show your loved one you love them and care for them everyday. Get me a slice of pizza and a kiss and call it a DAY! Anyway, for those who WANT to celebrate Valentines Day, I can't really think of a better place in Pittsburgh other than the Pittsburgh Winery. If you've ever been there, you know that the vibe is a VERY romantic one, and their wine hits you like a soft cloud of love with a punch. Bring your loved one, or your mom to this place, and buy them a glass or a bottle (go all out! It's worth it. also get the Broken Fences wine that we have there....). I will be hosting the night, and be playing solo along side some of my favorite artists Judith Avers, and Chet Vincent. Also playing Kevin Garrett, who I am looking forward to hearing. I'm sure Judith and Chet will be singing some love songs, I personally am going to throw in some ANTI love songs (Even though I am in love) for those of you who are single, so you know what, to hell with it! Bring yourself, bring your ice cream, bring your damn couch for all I care, all the single people, come out as well, treat yourself because who cares, you deserve a good glass of wine and a song dedicated to you. Tickets are online here: http://www.showclix.com/event/SongwritersintheCellarmorganerina (Copy and paste cause i STILL have not figured out how to link it...Kevin! Help!)

The next show I have coming up is the next day February 15th. I will be playing with the lovely Brooke Annibale, who has a voice that will melt your ears and literally have you floating on a soft cloud without the punch. She's wonderful and I have the pleasure of opening for her. I will be the soft stairs that will lead you up to the cloud. So this show is for those who had to work on valentines day, and feel guilty, make plans to come out to this night so your loved one doesn't hate you. Also, just come because Brooke doesn't play here all the time and you definitely don't want to miss it. 

Well those are the three shows I wanted to promote, ALL very different, all with different purposes. I hope you come to all three, but you can pick and choose :) 

Over and out and SNEEZE,

Morgan Erina


Mornings unsure

Good morning, 

Honestly, it hasn't been a good morning. It's been a frustrating ride. Communicating, bad roads, unsure. What am I unsure of? I'm unsure of this day. Some days don't seem like they have any point. That's negative, and I should take advantage of canceled plans. 

I'm unsure of my direction. I'm not really sure what I'm doing, or where I should go. What is the right way? Why do I have to figure this out on my own? Can't I just do it tomorrow....

I can see what I want to accomplish. I would like to be a working musician who fills rooms and works with the best producers, duets with artists I admire, reaching out to millions who understand and help them feel secure. I can see this. I can feel this. But it feels like it gets further and further away from me...how do I pull it back? I'm swimming in a shark tank with a r=ton of other people trying to do the same thing. So what makes me so special.

And then my thoughts go to, "Well, that's not the point, is it. The point is to just keep doing it, no competition, that's your new york city mind thinking. Just think for yourself." Just think for yourself. Easier said than done when you get pulled in a million directions or not enough. It's enough to make you start drinking...now. I'm unsure of how I will survive, money wise, health wise. I know that somehow someway, I always figure it out. We all do. I mean, we've all made it this far right? 

My advice of the day is to simplify. To take time for yourself. To make sure you are happy within yourself before doing anything.

"Baby, I'm a lost cause"

More importantly, go read this article about my sisters boyfriend who is way more positive than me right now!  ttp://www.cancerresearch.org/our-strategy-impact/people-behind-the-progress/patients/kevin-lankes (copy and paste because I haven't figured out how to make a link)


Morgan Erina

Thoughts and Updates

Updates first! Tonight I will be playing a solo set at Hambones at 9PM. I hope you can make it out! 

I will be releasing my single "October" very very soon. I just have to bake some cookies first....don't ask...

Broken Fences will be playing at the Pittsburgh Winery January 31st! Tickets are going fast, so get yours soon!


I've come to realize that friendships are important. This sentence sounds weird and rude almost, but it's true. Growing up, I never had a true friend. or even a group of friends. The group of "friends" I had in school, tortured me emotionally, verbally, and even sometimes physically.  I gave up on friends. I became withdrawn. And would latch on to the "boyfriend" as my one and only source of human contact. Suffice to say, this does not make a relationship last. I did this up until my recent break up. This never ending cycle of self destruction; people wondered if I hated them. My face always frowning, unhappy because I felt empty, lost, not comforted by the thought that I could be a good friend to anyone. In a way, I've just been fading away, dying almost, becoming nothing until I sang. Go on stage, sing my heart out, actually feel like a person, and then step off the stage into the cage I had created for myself, giving the key to my one source of human contact. This break up has done me a world of good. I realized I actually had a personality, one that I had missed. I realized I wasn't wrong about everything. I realized I could make people laugh again. And was open to relating to people on so many levels. To all the people who thought I disliked them, I apologize. Never again will I let someone or myself blow my flame out. I hope someone reading this can learn from my mistakes and not do the same thing. We are all wonderful in our own way, no one's better than anyone, no ones more beautiful. Dress how you want to dress, and feel beautiful. Sing your heart out. Breathe at your own pace, they can wait. These are very important. Hold on to the people who bring out the best in you, and make you feel like you can take on the world. Friendships. A very new word for me. In the last three months, I have connected with so many of you on levels of actual friendship, and I am very grateful that you have all given me a second chance. Thank you. 


Morgan Erina



 Happy one degree weather everyone,

I haven't left the house yet. Instead the focus has been on playing as much guitar as possible and recording songs for the challenge that I have joined. For the month of January, I will be writing a song a day based on a word that my friend, Rue Snider, has provided a list of. It's difficult, but I like to just write the songs as if I'm not even there. Just let the words flow out of me with no way of stopping them. I post the songs everyday on my facebook, I hope I'm not annoying anyone too much....

New Years was great (I obviously need to update this blog a little more often). Broken Fences played the WYEP First Night stage. I don't even know how many people were there, but from the photo below (Photo by Jason Rafalak!) you can see there were tons of people, listening, being amazing. What an amazing experience. Bittersweet.

I'm off to practice more for the Jan 11th show I am playing at Mr. Smalls. Great line up. Tickets are free so just come up to me and I will give them to you. I will have them on me tonight at acoustic cafe, if I get there alive.



News and Such Things

Good Morning, it's 37 degrees here in New York City. Bundling up in every pair of long johns I have, and heading out into lower manhattan is what's on the agenda today. Going to practice with Broken Fences (Guy, Zoob and myself), as we have a show tonight at The Rockwood, Stage 1, 8PM, $5. Looking forward to playing on a stage again, it's been awhile. 

In SOLO news, I have some shows coming up that I hope you can all come to, rain or shine, sleet or hail, apocalypse, heaven or hell. 

The show is on January 11th at Mr. Smalls (in Pittsburgh). If you would like tickets, please come and talk to me, they are free! I don't bite. I may be excited to see you, but not to the point of scary. And I may seem intimidating sometimes, but that's only because I am...I mean, I'm not. I'm not. 

So I've got that show coming up, and I'm very excited about it. I'm sharing the bill with really good friends of mine. Jeremy Caywood will blow your mind with his incredible stage presence, music and words that will make you think, and ponder and cry because hope is near, he is definitely one of my favorite artists in Pittsburgh. I may be bias, but it's true. You cannot look away when he plays, even if you try, and I have tried. never works. Captivating. I could go on forever.  Grey's Fool, the new duo in town, Crystal Lee Morgan and Jeremy Colbert, two people that I have grown to love very much. Their harmonies will make you float into a dream land. This happens quite often to me when I hear them, if you see me floating away, there is a string on the back of my head, if you would be so kind to pull me down, thank you. Then there is Ben Valasek whos intense performances will have you rockin out, and make you forget completely that it's winter outside, unless he mentions it (don't do it, Ben). Mike Cali will make you swoon with his smooth delivery. Boon, a band made up of Jeremy Colbert and David J M Bielewicz, are exciting and riveting, you already know Jeremy Colbert is a great human being, so I will talk about David, he will also make you swoon with that smile while he sings to you about fat cats. And Shawn Macintyre is the man who set up this entire show, I'm very grateful for this man, for thinking of me to join this incredible line up. I have never heard Jude Benedict, but I am excited to hear their sound and get introduced to a new artist. Seriously, it's going to be one of the most fun back stages ever. AND show. 

So now that i've poured my heart out to every artist on there, I'm a bit embarrassed, I'm not even drinking I swear (it's 9 in the morning! I don't do that anymore). Embarrassed, but not ashamed because this will seriously be an awesome night.

Alright, over and out.




Thoughts Politically

Hi, hello, I'm going to vent, ramble, what have you.

This may upset some, but I feel as a musician who writes words for a living or just the fact that I am a human being, it is part of my duty to help change what needs to be changed to help the greater good. 

It was my choice to read the news before I even got out of bed this morning. I could have easily just gotten up, gone downstairs, eaten breakfast and think about my first day in nyc and what I have planned. But no, instead, I got overwhelmed by the amount of worldly disasters, prison charges, American choices. I read about two members of Pussy Riot being released from jail, finally. I had been wondering about that for a while. Being arrested for singing a protest song in a church? Come on, please get on board with freedom of speech, even though.......nevermind. 

That's another thing. Is it actually safe to say what I think? I feel like I'm being watched. 

Closer to home, situations arise that are difficult and affect us personally. I don't know how many of you need to get o Obamacare, but I am one of them. I don't have a job that gives insurance and I do't make enough money to just buy insurance. I need a plan that is inexpensive and will allow me to get the coverage I need. If only there was some kind of system where it worked, and people paid a bit more on taxes and got excellent coverage....god that would be great....anyway

The problem is, this. On the phone for a good hour and a half with a very nice representative, going over my options for obamacare. After hearing my options and the "are you serious, that's the lowest price" deductions, and monthly fees, I felt helpless. The woman on the end of the phone sympathized, she told me most of the people she talks to have had the same reaction as myself. 

I hate to say it for fear of offending, but I'm frustrated. The problem is Corbett. I would qualify for medicare expansion, oh if only he would opt in. But instead because he is republican, he is taking this position. He wants to see this law fail. Which makes no sense, clearly lots of people want this and the fact that he in only making it harder, makes people want to fight back more. So instead of nice and simple and yay, your covered, now don't worry if you trip fall and die, I must send in an appeal and fight for something that should just be my right as a human being to have. Survival of the fittest I swear is a republicans motto, and if they just let it happen, I can guarantee you, I would be dead. 

Alright, coming back down to earth now. I'm home, it's christmas. I should be focusing on the little things, the happy things. I should be daydreaming about a man. I should be wrapping my presents. I should be figuring out what to wear. 

Maybe the lesson is this, you can fight for things to change, but don't lose sight of the immediate. Sure, I'm having a hell of a time trying to get coverage, BUT I'm also meeting my sister and her boyfriend at my favorite restaurant in NYC and it's going to be wonderful. Yes, I want to go to Russia and help change human rights, BUT I also know that someone gave me flowers before I left. Everything will have its time and its place. I'm going to help the world as much as I can with my music and words, but I'm also going to live in the moment and be grateful for what I have. 

Now go enjoy something small








Christmas. gifts. money. drinking. roommates. dinner. running. broken. saving. healing. missing. wondering. leaving. music.

I am beyond excited to go home to NYC for Christmas. Have you all made your DIY gifts yet? That's my plan.


Just an update. This Friday December 13th, there will be a show at The Art house which is where I live! 5903 Stanton Ave. I will play a set along with three of my roommates. Chet Vincent, and Andre Costello will grace us with their presence as well. There will be food, drinks, good people, a warm house. I hope to see you there. Remember, 6PM!

I hope everyone stays warm tonight!



Upcoming shows!

Hi there,

I've been listening to The Helio Sequence non stop since yesterday. A really amazing band, I can't believe it took me forever to find them. 

I've got a solo show coming up this Friday, the 6th. It will take place at Garfield Artworks which is on Penn Avenue. 8PM. 

After that, I will be playing a house show, (actually it's in the Arthouse where I live!) Friday, December 13th. 5903 Stanton Ave. That will be a great show, three of my roommates will be performing as well as myself, along with Chet Vincent & The Big Bend, Andre Costello, and Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo. It starts at 6PM, suggested donation. Food, drinks. It'll be a good time. I hope to see a lot of friendly familiar faces there. 

Alright, going to sleep.




Working 5am can really kick your ass. But at least I get to see the sunrise. 

First things first. This morning WYEP played an interview I did with Cindy Howes. You can listen to it here: http://www.wyep.org/audio/broken-fences-release-new-ep

I do want to make a correction: I accidently said that Time Mulhern owned The Pittsburgh Winery. CORRECTION Tim Gaber owns it. Sorry Tim! My words did not match up with my thoughts in time, I meant to just talk about how Tim M made the bf wine as a gift, and got confused. I apologize! Forgive me because I need your winery to survive....ha..ha............

Anyway. Tomorrow is Broken Fences EP and Music Video Release show at Club Cafe (7PM) 

I can't lie and say I'm not nervous or scared to death, hence why the drinking has started early tonight! Personal issues will make this one of the most difficult shows I have ever played. Someone play it for me? No, I do want to play it, I just want it to be easy. But nothings easy right. That's ok. That's life. And this is rambling. 

I hope I have not deterred you from coming tomorrow night, ("hay man, she said it's gonna be weird, is it gonna be weird? hell man I ain't looking for weird!) it will be fun. Lots of friends, family (my family is coming in tomorrow, crap I have to clean.....). I'm really excited to show you the music video. I am proud that I wrote the song for it, "Simplicity". I can't even remember where I was when I wrote it, or when, but the point is it's out. And thanks to so many friends, it was made. Our EP is also on vinyl which is not something I thought I would ever do.  Man it's the 60s. 

Alright, time to get this mess in order.

See ya. 







To begin with, hello. 

It was beyond time to get my own website for the solo work that I do. I'm looking forward to recording some of my new stuff and sharing it with you. This blog will be a collection of announcements, music, and thoughts, and whatever else I think should go in here. You only live once right?

I've been on an obsessive listening Elliott Smith phase that has lasted about three weeks now, and I don't want it to stop. I was introduced to Elliott Smith by an ex boyfriend. When we lived in Portland, OR, he showed me Elliott Smith father's record store, with its walls painted yellow. Over the years, I read up on Mr. Smith, and have grown a tremendous appreciation for his music. Like many others I'm sure, I feel a connection with him that goes beyond the music. He was a mystery with a great sense of humor, and a difficult personality. I wonder if he would still be making music to this day if he had not died. What do you think?

If I had to pick a favorite song of his (and this is really hard and I don't even know why I'm putting myself through this) I would have to pick "Everything Means Nothing To Me" It's such a beautifully written song, delicate, deep. It's a good song to listen to when you're feeling down. Or not.... It's so simple, but complicated. Everything means nothing to me. Some days are just like that. I'm sure you can relate.


Morgan Erina