Working 5am can really kick your ass. But at least I get to see the sunrise. 

First things first. This morning WYEP played an interview I did with Cindy Howes. You can listen to it here:

I do want to make a correction: I accidently said that Time Mulhern owned The Pittsburgh Winery. CORRECTION Tim Gaber owns it. Sorry Tim! My words did not match up with my thoughts in time, I meant to just talk about how Tim M made the bf wine as a gift, and got confused. I apologize! Forgive me because I need your winery to survive....ha..ha............

Anyway. Tomorrow is Broken Fences EP and Music Video Release show at Club Cafe (7PM) 

I can't lie and say I'm not nervous or scared to death, hence why the drinking has started early tonight! Personal issues will make this one of the most difficult shows I have ever played. Someone play it for me? No, I do want to play it, I just want it to be easy. But nothings easy right. That's ok. That's life. And this is rambling. 

I hope I have not deterred you from coming tomorrow night, ("hay man, she said it's gonna be weird, is it gonna be weird? hell man I ain't looking for weird!) it will be fun. Lots of friends, family (my family is coming in tomorrow, crap I have to clean.....). I'm really excited to show you the music video. I am proud that I wrote the song for it, "Simplicity". I can't even remember where I was when I wrote it, or when, but the point is it's out. And thanks to so many friends, it was made. Our EP is also on vinyl which is not something I thought I would ever do.  Man it's the 60s. 

Alright, time to get this mess in order.

See ya.