Thoughts Politically

Hi, hello, I'm going to vent, ramble, what have you.

This may upset some, but I feel as a musician who writes words for a living or just the fact that I am a human being, it is part of my duty to help change what needs to be changed to help the greater good. 

It was my choice to read the news before I even got out of bed this morning. I could have easily just gotten up, gone downstairs, eaten breakfast and think about my first day in nyc and what I have planned. But no, instead, I got overwhelmed by the amount of worldly disasters, prison charges, American choices. I read about two members of Pussy Riot being released from jail, finally. I had been wondering about that for a while. Being arrested for singing a protest song in a church? Come on, please get on board with freedom of speech, even though.......nevermind. 

That's another thing. Is it actually safe to say what I think? I feel like I'm being watched. 

Closer to home, situations arise that are difficult and affect us personally. I don't know how many of you need to get o Obamacare, but I am one of them. I don't have a job that gives insurance and I do't make enough money to just buy insurance. I need a plan that is inexpensive and will allow me to get the coverage I need. If only there was some kind of system where it worked, and people paid a bit more on taxes and got excellent coverage....god that would be great....anyway

The problem is, this. On the phone for a good hour and a half with a very nice representative, going over my options for obamacare. After hearing my options and the "are you serious, that's the lowest price" deductions, and monthly fees, I felt helpless. The woman on the end of the phone sympathized, she told me most of the people she talks to have had the same reaction as myself. 

I hate to say it for fear of offending, but I'm frustrated. The problem is Corbett. I would qualify for medicare expansion, oh if only he would opt in. But instead because he is republican, he is taking this position. He wants to see this law fail. Which makes no sense, clearly lots of people want this and the fact that he in only making it harder, makes people want to fight back more. So instead of nice and simple and yay, your covered, now don't worry if you trip fall and die, I must send in an appeal and fight for something that should just be my right as a human being to have. Survival of the fittest I swear is a republicans motto, and if they just let it happen, I can guarantee you, I would be dead. 

Alright, coming back down to earth now. I'm home, it's christmas. I should be focusing on the little things, the happy things. I should be daydreaming about a man. I should be wrapping my presents. I should be figuring out what to wear. 

Maybe the lesson is this, you can fight for things to change, but don't lose sight of the immediate. Sure, I'm having a hell of a time trying to get coverage, BUT I'm also meeting my sister and her boyfriend at my favorite restaurant in NYC and it's going to be wonderful. Yes, I want to go to Russia and help change human rights, BUT I also know that someone gave me flowers before I left. Everything will have its time and its place. I'm going to help the world as much as I can with my music and words, but I'm also going to live in the moment and be grateful for what I have. 

Now go enjoy something small