News and Such Things

Good Morning, it's 37 degrees here in New York City. Bundling up in every pair of long johns I have, and heading out into lower manhattan is what's on the agenda today. Going to practice with Broken Fences (Guy, Zoob and myself), as we have a show tonight at The Rockwood, Stage 1, 8PM, $5. Looking forward to playing on a stage again, it's been awhile. 

In SOLO news, I have some shows coming up that I hope you can all come to, rain or shine, sleet or hail, apocalypse, heaven or hell. 

The show is on January 11th at Mr. Smalls (in Pittsburgh). If you would like tickets, please come and talk to me, they are free! I don't bite. I may be excited to see you, but not to the point of scary. And I may seem intimidating sometimes, but that's only because I am...I mean, I'm not. I'm not. 

So I've got that show coming up, and I'm very excited about it. I'm sharing the bill with really good friends of mine. Jeremy Caywood will blow your mind with his incredible stage presence, music and words that will make you think, and ponder and cry because hope is near, he is definitely one of my favorite artists in Pittsburgh. I may be bias, but it's true. You cannot look away when he plays, even if you try, and I have tried. never works. Captivating. I could go on forever.  Grey's Fool, the new duo in town, Crystal Lee Morgan and Jeremy Colbert, two people that I have grown to love very much. Their harmonies will make you float into a dream land. This happens quite often to me when I hear them, if you see me floating away, there is a string on the back of my head, if you would be so kind to pull me down, thank you. Then there is Ben Valasek whos intense performances will have you rockin out, and make you forget completely that it's winter outside, unless he mentions it (don't do it, Ben). Mike Cali will make you swoon with his smooth delivery. Boon, a band made up of Jeremy Colbert and David J M Bielewicz, are exciting and riveting, you already know Jeremy Colbert is a great human being, so I will talk about David, he will also make you swoon with that smile while he sings to you about fat cats. And Shawn Macintyre is the man who set up this entire show, I'm very grateful for this man, for thinking of me to join this incredible line up. I have never heard Jude Benedict, but I am excited to hear their sound and get introduced to a new artist. Seriously, it's going to be one of the most fun back stages ever. AND show. 

So now that i've poured my heart out to every artist on there, I'm a bit embarrassed, I'm not even drinking I swear (it's 9 in the morning! I don't do that anymore). Embarrassed, but not ashamed because this will seriously be an awesome night.

Alright, over and out.