Thoughts and Updates

Updates first! Tonight I will be playing a solo set at Hambones at 9PM. I hope you can make it out! 

I will be releasing my single "October" very very soon. I just have to bake some cookies first....don't ask...

Broken Fences will be playing at the Pittsburgh Winery January 31st! Tickets are going fast, so get yours soon!


I've come to realize that friendships are important. This sentence sounds weird and rude almost, but it's true. Growing up, I never had a true friend. or even a group of friends. The group of "friends" I had in school, tortured me emotionally, verbally, and even sometimes physically.  I gave up on friends. I became withdrawn. And would latch on to the "boyfriend" as my one and only source of human contact. Suffice to say, this does not make a relationship last. I did this up until my recent break up. This never ending cycle of self destruction; people wondered if I hated them. My face always frowning, unhappy because I felt empty, lost, not comforted by the thought that I could be a good friend to anyone. In a way, I've just been fading away, dying almost, becoming nothing until I sang. Go on stage, sing my heart out, actually feel like a person, and then step off the stage into the cage I had created for myself, giving the key to my one source of human contact. This break up has done me a world of good. I realized I actually had a personality, one that I had missed. I realized I wasn't wrong about everything. I realized I could make people laugh again. And was open to relating to people on so many levels. To all the people who thought I disliked them, I apologize. Never again will I let someone or myself blow my flame out. I hope someone reading this can learn from my mistakes and not do the same thing. We are all wonderful in our own way, no one's better than anyone, no ones more beautiful. Dress how you want to dress, and feel beautiful. Sing your heart out. Breathe at your own pace, they can wait. These are very important. Hold on to the people who bring out the best in you, and make you feel like you can take on the world. Friendships. A very new word for me. In the last three months, I have connected with so many of you on levels of actual friendship, and I am very grateful that you have all given me a second chance. Thank you. 


Morgan Erina