Update: Shows!

Hello there, 

I write to you from a state of the constant sneeze. My nose feels like it might fly off my face and my head might explode. But that will not stop me from telling you about all these shows that I have coming up. I have faith that I will be able to play these shows as well, because I have been way more sick on tour and have done every single show! 

The first show that is coming up is this Sunday, February 9th at Hambones. I'll be playing with my great friends Jeremy Caywood and Chris Hannigan. A very relaxed, chill night, with good music, good drinks, Jeff. I mean, you can't really ask for a more relaxed evening EXCEPT the next show that I'm going to promote which is on VALENTINES DAY. 

Now I don't know about you, but Valentines Day and I have never really gotten along, it's a holiday made up by a card company to make money and make everyone feel bad because they have to spend alot of money on useless things, and expensive meals, and all the single people feel they have to watch the most depressing movie alone in their dark apartment eating ice cream and crying themselves to sleep...but I'm ranting now...when I personally shouldn't be complaining, I've had some good valentines days, but I really just think that every day should be "Valentines Day" and you should show your loved one you love them and care for them everyday. Get me a slice of pizza and a kiss and call it a DAY! Anyway, for those who WANT to celebrate Valentines Day, I can't really think of a better place in Pittsburgh other than the Pittsburgh Winery. If you've ever been there, you know that the vibe is a VERY romantic one, and their wine hits you like a soft cloud of love with a punch. Bring your loved one, or your mom to this place, and buy them a glass or a bottle (go all out! It's worth it. also get the Broken Fences wine that we have there....). I will be hosting the night, and be playing solo along side some of my favorite artists Judith Avers, and Chet Vincent. Also playing Kevin Garrett, who I am looking forward to hearing. I'm sure Judith and Chet will be singing some love songs, I personally am going to throw in some ANTI love songs (Even though I am in love) for those of you who are single, so you know what, to hell with it! Bring yourself, bring your ice cream, bring your damn couch for all I care, all the single people, come out as well, treat yourself because who cares, you deserve a good glass of wine and a song dedicated to you. Tickets are online here: http://www.showclix.com/event/SongwritersintheCellarmorganerina (Copy and paste cause i STILL have not figured out how to link it...Kevin! Help!)

The next show I have coming up is the next day February 15th. I will be playing with the lovely Brooke Annibale, who has a voice that will melt your ears and literally have you floating on a soft cloud without the punch. She's wonderful and I have the pleasure of opening for her. I will be the soft stairs that will lead you up to the cloud. So this show is for those who had to work on valentines day, and feel guilty, make plans to come out to this night so your loved one doesn't hate you. Also, just come because Brooke doesn't play here all the time and you definitely don't want to miss it. 

Well those are the three shows I wanted to promote, ALL very different, all with different purposes. I hope you come to all three, but you can pick and choose :) 

Over and out and SNEEZE,

Morgan Erina