What is motivation..why does it disappear so quickly. Why does it come crashing into ones mind and you can't get things done fast enough? Like a manic state with doubt. Don't lose it, the muses say to keep going keep going. Fight to get ahead. 

What makes you motivated? 

Sometimes a good record helps motivate me. Becks new album is doing that. Just blown away by him every time..Similar ways of working. Prolific and crazy ha Perfect motivation, perfect idol to idolize. 

It could be a song, a person, a quote that motivates you. It could be a sunny day, a rainy night. I love recording music on a rainy evening...perfect time to be motivated, really get lost in the music and in the head. That is true happiness. That is the only happiness, the only solace in this rough patch..

It could be a lover, or a pet motivates you to go outside, get some air...rethink things, see things in a new light..prospects and ideas. 

Anyway, rambling ramblers...I'm going to get out of here. Go into the sun, breathe...

Just remember that motivation comes and goes. When you have it, hold on to it. when it's not there, try to have's ok.