Dear everyone,

As many of you know, I am trying to raise money to make an EP. It's hard for me personally to ask for money, or for help with anything, but I know rationally that I need help with this. 

It's been a long journey since I moved to Pittsburgh from New York City six years ago. I made a lot of friends, rose quickly in the scene, created an amazing band that took me to so many places. Now that my band is over, (for more than a year now, but who's counting...........)  I am embarking on a path that I am unfamiliar with.

I started out as a solo artist, going to open mics in ABC city. Playing shows with djembe players in dark basements in dark corners of the bustling city. Trying to connect with anyone and everyone, while still hiding against the wall. I used to play barefoot to cool the nerves of baring my soul to whoever would listen.

It all led me to here, to a community I had no idea could exist. I met Nathan Zoob, who I feel like I have known my entire life. He has done so much for me, there is no way that I could ever pay him back. I'll keep trying tho... :)

The number of amazing musicians here are incredible. I feel honored to be a part of such a group. And hope to continue to be. 

That is why, after everything, I would like to make a record of what I create. Sometimes I need a fire under my butt, so to speak, so that I can accomplish what I need to do. You all do that for me, and I thank you. 

Only 17 days left on my indiegogo and we are already over $3,000. Thank you to all who have donated so far and shared it and continue to share it! I appreciate it so much. 

This is for you, this is for us. Community. Family. 

The saying is true, you don't pick your family, your family picks you. 

Link is at the bottom!

Thank you


Morgan Erina